New County Charter

The New County Charter is in your hands.

A new, updated County Charter is on the November 3 ballot as Measure J.

The updated charter would replace the current charter, which was adopted 107 years ago in 1913.

The new Charter would:

  • Allow the Board of Supervisors to call for special elections to fill vacancies in County elected offices and remove the Governor’s authority to make appointments to fill vacant Supervisor offices.
  • Require the Board of Supervisors to create a redistricting commission to be involved in the redrawing of the boundaries of supervisorial districts every 10 years.
  • Protect campaign finance rules and enforcement of those rules.
  • Limit County supervisors to a total of three four-year terms.
  • Limit and fix supervisor salaries to 80% of the salary of Superior Court Judges and require public hearings for any effort to change supervisor salaries and benefits.
  • Require the Board of Supervisors to publicly review County Health Officer orders.
  • Require the Board to periodically and publicly review the County Code and the Charter for outdated or unnecessary provisions.
  • Replace gender-specific references to reflect the gender diversity on the Board of Supervisors.
  • Require the Board of Supervisors to adopt rules of order for its meetings.